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SOUP’S ON: Super Bowl XLVI Prediction

February 5, 2012

This year, we as sports fans get to see a rematch of one of the greatest games in Super Bowl history. As I look at these teams, the Giants and the Patriots, I can only think “Where the hell did these guys come from?”

I mean honestly, if you were to tell me in Week 9 when these two played each other that this would be a prequel to the Super Bowl; I would have laughed in your face. But here we are, watching the countless hours of pregame shows and listening to the Nostradamus’ that are Chris Berman, Terry Bradshaw and, the always intelligent, Michael Irvin predict who will win this Sunday. For me, it all comes down to this:

The New York Giants thrive under pressure, especially on the road. Eli Manning made a name for himself during their 2007 run by winning on the road. This team is built around being the underdogs.

Although I think that Vegas was very generous in favoring New England by three and a half, the Giants should be considered the underdog in Super Bowl trophies only. The Giants defense, led by the most prolific front four I have ever seen, will give Tom Brady fits all evening long. Brady doesn’t like to be hit, and I see the Giants doing nothing but hitting the man with the best looking wife in football.

Meanwhile, the Giants offense suddenly has more weapons than North Korea.

Victor Cruz has come seemingly out of nowhere this season and has cha-cha’d his way into becoming one of the elite receivers in the NFL. On the opposite side of the huddle, Hakeem Nicks has had a very solid season, catching 76 balls for 1,192 yards and seven touchdowns. Throw in Mario Manningham with 39 catches for 532 yards and four touchdowns, and the Giants have a lethal triple threat at wide receiver. Although this trio isn’t as explosive as the Larry Fitzgerald, Anquan Boldin and Steve Breaston trio in Arizona during their Super Bowl run, these Giants receivers have come into their own in the Big Apple. Compile that with the MVP-like performance this season by Eli Manning, who has now placed himself among the elite quarterbacks of the NFL, the Giants are the ones to watch out for come Sunday.

For New England meanwhile, the key to beating New York is to shutdown their pass rush and continue to utilize their two unbeatable tight-ends. Both Rob Gronkowski and Aaron Hernandez have had career years, combining for 2,237 yards and 24 touchdowns which are 43 percent of Tom Brady’s total passing yards for the season and 62 percent of his total touchdowns. Meaning that both Gronkowski and Hernandez are in for big days Sunday given Gronkowski ankle is OK and that they can break through to New York’s secondary.

However, their defense must continue to show up like it has throughout this postseason. If the defense of the regular season shows up, I see the score quickly getting out of hand and this Super Bowl becoming more lopsided than Super Bowl XL. But, let’s be serious here, the Patriots have Tom Brady. As long as he is on the field, the Patriots have a chance to win and if Chad Ochocinco makes his presence known, we may have the first person with a last name of nothing but the Spanish words for “eight” and “five” score touchdown in a Super Bowl.

In the end, The Giants defensive line will be too much for Tom “you can’t touch him because there will be a flag” Brady to handle and New York will take Super Bowl XLVI 35-30. Making Eli the better Manning and allowing Peyton to once again overshadow Eli by not knowing where he will play football next year.

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