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Funniest three Super Bowl commercials

February 8, 2012 2 comments

Good thing the game lived up to all the hype because the commercials certainly did not. As a staff, we could only find a few commercials that make us laugh past the first viewing.

3. Doritos sling baby

Even when the commercials as a whole didn’t meet the hype, Doritos did once again. I mean, this grandma is slinging a baby, what is not to love?

2. E-Trade

Another baby commercial, but come on, watching this baby talk every time an E-trade commercial brightens your day.

1. M&Ms

Any time there is the LMFAO song, “Sexy and I Know It” and candy involved you know it has to be good. Enjoy.

Have any suggestions about our picks? Let us know which ones were your favorites.


Williams and Cundiff goats? Perhaps not.

January 23, 2012 1 comment

Kyle Williams and Billy Cundiff might be remembered as the goats from this year’s NFL championship Sunday, but, perhaps, Williams should not.

Even though Williams muffed two punts, in essence costing the San Francisco 49ers the game, the one he lost in overtime on Sunday should never have happened.

With a little over two minutes remaining in the game, 49ers linebacker NaVorro Bowman appeared to strip Ahmad Bradshaw of the ball with the 49ers recovering; however, Mark Hittner, the head linesman, ruled that Bradshaw’s forward progress had been stopped, calling him down, as opposed to ruling the play a fumble.

Ahmad Bradshaw nearly loses the ball in Sunday's NFC Championship game. The Giants would retain the ball due to a whistle for forward progress. (

This is a very important miscue because fumbles may be challenged, while forward progress calls cannot.

If the ruling on the field had been called a fumble, the Giants would have had the opportunity to challenge, giving a chance for the officials to make an accurate call, so everyone would know the call was correct. But, because Hittner whistled the play dead and called it forward progress, no review could be made, thus leading to the Giants heading to the Super Bowl.

Had the play been called a fumble with a 49ers recovery, as it should have, the 49ers would have had the ball at the Giants’ 20-yard line just before the two-minute warning – likely winning the game.

I am aware that a lot can happen in two minutes of a game, but this play should at least constitute a change in the rulebook. There is no way to rely on one referees opinion to drastically change the outcome of a game.

So perhaps Kyle Williams name should not be remembered. Perhaps it should be Mark Hittner, who blew his whistle a second too soon.

Late Sunday night, 49ers center Jonathan Goodwin tweeted, “I will forever hate the words forward progress.”

But don’t take my word for it. Here. Check out the play for yourself, and you make the decision. Forward progress or fumble?

Ahmad Bradshaw’s controversial near-fumble

IU struggles after fast start

January 19, 2012 Comments off

Will Sheehey is a viable option to enter the starting lineup if Verdell Jones III continues to struggle. Sheehey has scored 21 points in the three games coming off his injury. Credit:

After starting 15-1 and cracking the top-ten in both polls, the Indiana Hoosiers have cooled off.  The Hoosiers are 0-3 in their last three games against Minnesota, at Ohio State and at Nebraska. They are currently 3-4 in Big Ten play.

Although things seemed to be back to normal with an 11-point lead against Nebraska in their most recent loss, the Hoosiers fell apart late, losing by one point, 69-70.

On the Hoosiers second to last possession, Jordan Hulls missed the front end of a one-and-one opportunity, which would have given the Hoosiers a three-point advantage.

There have been a few reasons for Indiana’s recent struggles.

One reason that stands out. The amount of offensive rebounds each opponent has had over the past three game was led by Minnesota with 16, Ohio State finished with 10 and Nebraska had nine. These are compared to Indiana’s offensive rebounds in each game of 12, eight and five. That is an average of a little more than two possessions for the opposing team, making the difference in at least the three-point loss to Minnesota and the one-point loss to Nebraska.

The Hoosiers have also had 15, 16 and 14 turnovers in those three games.

Another reason is the play of senior guard Verdell Jones III. He has just 11 points on 5-18 shooting in the past three games. Jones has faltered late in games, turning over the ball on out of control plays instead of working for a good shot.

For the Hoosiers to end their skid, they need to get out the 2-3 zone defense because that is when the opponents seem to get their most offensive rebounds and second chance opportunities.

If Jones III doesn’t step up his play, Tom Crean should consider pulling him from the starting lineup and replacing him with Will Sheehey, who has looked very strong coming off his injury.

Another element of the Hoosiers overshadowed by the recent losing streak is freshman forward, Cody Zeller, who has had 23, 16 and 18 points in those games, respectively.

Indiana’s next game is Sunday Jan. 22 in Assembly Hall against Penn State. The Hoosiers defeated the Nittany Lions 88-82 on Jan. 8 in University Park.

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