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Broken Leg Sidelines Tony Stewart

August 6, 2013 1 comment

Tony Stewart crashes at Southern Iowa Speedway and sustains a broken right leg. He will miss this weekend's Sprint Cup race at Watkins Glen. (Credit: OskyNews)

Tony Stewart crashes at Southern Iowa Speedway and sustains a broken right leg. He will miss this weekend’s Sprint Cup race at Watkins Glen. (Credit: OskyNews)

Three-time champion Tony Stewart will miss NASCAR’s upcoming weekend at Watkins Glen International after wrecking a Sprint Car Monday night suffering a broken right leg.

Stewart was transported to a local hospital from Southern Iowa Speedway by ambulance after a four-car wreck in Oskaloosa, Iowa. Sustaining a broken right tibia and fibula forced him to undergo surgery following the accident.

Timing is everything in motorsports, and NASCAR hasn’t seen a detrimental injury toward a championship-caliber driver this late in the season in multiple years. Stewart is 11th in the Sprint Cup standings and has one win this season at Dover in June with five races remaining until the Chase.

Stewart-Hass Racing has not yet announced a driver to replace Stewart for this upcoming weekend in the No. 14, but they did cancel a test scheduled today to take place at Atlanta Motor Speedway.

Here is the statement left by SHR regarding Stewart’s sprint car wreck and injuries:

Tony Stewart, driver of the No. 14 Chevrolet for Stewart-Haas Racing in the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series, sustained a broken right tibia and fibula in a Sprint Car crash Monday night at Southern Iowa Speedway in Oskaloosa, Iowa.

Stewart was transported to a local hospital immediately following the accident and underwent surgery. An injury update will be provided later this afternoon.

A scheduled test for today at Atlanta Motor Speedway has been canceled. A replacement driver for this weekend’s NASCAR Sprint Cup Series race at Watkins Glen (N.Y.) International has not been determined. Information regarding the No. 14 team’s driver status at Watkins Glen will be provided once it is known.

Stewart is a five-time winner at Watkins Glen, but will miss his first Sprint Cup race since before 1999. Two weeks ago, Stewart flipped multiple times in a Sprint Car race prior to his fourth-place finish at the Brickyard 400.

tstewartHe has been adamant about sprint car racing after the death of Jason Leffler in June.

“I’d be grateful if you guys would understand that what happened this week wasn’t because somebody didn’t do something right with the race track,” Stewart said days after Leffler’s death. “It was an accident. Just like if you go out and there’s a car crash. It’s an accident.”

“Nobody as a track owner wants to go through what happened, but it’s not due to a lack of effort on their part to try to make their facilities as safe as possible under the conditions they have.”

Friday after Sprint Cup practice at Pocono, he echoed those comments after his accident in Ontario calling it “just another accident.”

“You mortals have got to learn, you guys need to watch more sprint car videos and stuff,” he said. “It was not a big deal. It’s starting to get annoying this week about that. That was just an average sprint car wreck. When they wreck, they get upside down like that.”

Today, and outpour of comments, opinions and get-well wishes have been circulating on Twitter and Facebook pages from drivers, team members, journalists and fans. The hashtag #GetWellSmoke is a popular use to join the conversation with other NASCAR individuals and fans.

Fellow competitors who also race extracurricular events such as Clint Bowyer, Kasey Kahne and Kyle Larson have expressed their thoughts for Stewart via Twitter. Larson finished second in the Sprint Car race Monday night.


From the Marbles: NASCAR drivers to watch in 2012

January 18, 2012 5 comments

Just over a month away from the Daytona 500 in February. Are you ready?

While the start of the 2012 NASCAR Sprint Cup Series is just over a month away from the start of the Daytona 500, there are many topics, drivers and changes to discuss.

The Daytona 500 is scheduled for Feb. 26 to start the 2012 season. Many drivers could be accounted for as who is to watch closely over the course of 36 races.

Here are my five drivers I will keep an eye on:

Clint Bowyer will begin his new adventure at Michael Waltrip Racing in 2012. Will Bowyer have a bright future?

Clint Bowyer

Driving the No. 15 Toyota for Michael Waltrip Racing in 2012, Clint Bowyer will attempt to move on from Richard Childress Racing and find more success. The man who made the Chase three times in his six-year tenure at RCR, will become the premiere driver at MWR in 2012.

A new sponsor, crew chief and organization is a lot of non-familiarity Bowyer hasn’t dealt with since he entered the Cup Series in 2005. Moderate success will not be tolerated for Bowyer in the upcoming year. He is one of the top, young talents in NASCAR and will need a team who can put him in victory lane and have a chance at the championship.

Bowyer, 32, has five career victories heading into a new direction with 5-Hour Energy on board.

Joey Logano stands outside his garage at Daytona's testing session held the second week of January.

Joey Logano

Here is a driver who has been nothing more than a disappointment in his short career in the Cup Series. For a driver who can win regularly in the Nationwide Series when he entered the sport, Joey Logano, 21, is on the verge of losing money Joe Gibbs Racing needs.

A poor start to a promising career with one victory in 2009, Logano enters his fifth season hoping to turn around from a year ago where he finished 24th in points. With Home Depot as a sponsor, it is important to keep them happy before they leave for another team, driver or sport all together.

Patience has run its course waiting on the surge of his career. Sometimes the best thing to come along since ‘sliced bread’ can be premature, and I feel like Logano is one of those situations. In the fear of losing Home Depot when Tony Stewart left JGR, Logano was thrown into a situation to fail before maturing in the lower division.

Kurt Busch has to move on from Penske Racing in 2012, and will see his future at Phoenix Racing for one year.

Kurt Busch

Kurt Busch could be one of the sleeper teams in the Cup garage in 2012 for many reasons. One thing fans should not do is count him out because he is with a team who hasn’t succeeded in the form of winning since Brad Keselowski in 2009.

Busch will drive for a team with the technical support of Hendrick Motorsports, which in anyone’s eyes should light them up. Busch is a championship-caliber driver, nearly anywhere he goes, and he will run well this year.

He might be in a new era trying to “find himself” or have fun for year, but he won’t slack off this year, because he is out to prove his personality and driving capabilities to potential sponsors and teams for 2013.

Kasey Kahne might be one to watch in 2012 with his new relationship with Hendrick Motorsports.

Kasey Kahne

Out of all the drivers in this list, Kasey Kahne may be the one to watch the closest. Coming from Richard Petty Motorsports to Red Bull Racing and now Hendrick Motorsports, Kahne becomes one of the early season favorites to be successful.

Kahne came off his one-year stint at RBR, who closed down at the end of the 2011 season, with one victory and having a legitimate shot at making the Chase. While teammate Brian Vickers was not ever in contention, Kahne made noise throughout the season as the frontrunner of his organization.

Kahne, 31, is still considered a young talent in my mind. He has many years ahead of him to succeed and hopefully finish his career in the Hendrick stable. He will have one of the best teams in the NASCAR garage in 2012, sharing a shop with four-time champion Jeff Gordon, and will have plenty of resources around him to be a title contender.

Will Carl Edwards return to his winning form in 2012 after losing the 2011 championship in a tiebreaker?

Carl Edwards

Here is the talk we have all been waiting for. The top Ford driver out of the Roush-Fenway Racing organization, Carl Edwards, comes off a promising season where he tied for first in the championship only to lose in a tiebreaker.

Edwards, 32, will decide if he will be the consistent championship-caliber driver this season. He was my pick, along with Tony Stewart, to win the championship last year, but it always seems like Edwards has those seasons where he lacks consistency. Hopefully, with his decision to not run full-time in the Nationwide Series, it will boost his performance on the Cup program to a level we haven’t seen from him.

2011 came and went as a disappointment in the wins column for Edwards; however, for a guy who won nine times in 2008, his winning ways could be back in 2012. The second in points curse people have talked about is non-existent.

Take off the white gloves… Again

October 2, 2010 Comments off


Last weekend at Dover International Speedway, Kevin Harvick and Denny Hamlin shared an incident on track on the first lap of Saturday’s practice session after Harvick was angered by Hamlin’s comments on Friday about Clint Bowyer’s penalty.

Hamlin made comments assessing his views of Harvick’s teammate, Bowyer, who was penalized 150 points for failing inspection after the race at New Hampshire Motor Speedway. Harvick bumped Hamlin twice and then side-scraped him on the first lap of practice.

This incident is not the only time NASCAR has “turned its shoulder” and looked the other way. NASCAR at the beginning of the season said they were ‘taking off the gloves’ and putting the drivers in control of what happened on the track.

It did not take long for the fans to find their first example of white-knuckle racing. At the spring Atlanta race, Carl Edwards came back on track after an incident with Brad Kesolowski. He intentionally wrecked Kesolowski, making his car go air-borne into the catchfence. NASCAR did not speak about the issue that took place.

That is not the only time these two have went bumper-to-bumper. This season in the Nationwide Series at Gateway International Raceway. Kesolowski gave Edwards the traditional “bump-and-run,” but Edwards had none of it as he intentionally wrecked Kesolowski off the final turn to steal a win.

Kesolowski showed no intentions of holding back after the race.

“I think he’s trying to figure out how he can win the points when he hasn’t run very well all year,” he said. “I don’t think that was cool at all. I’m sure he’ll say how sorry he is, or how cool he thinks he is or how great of a guy he is in his own mind, but that’s not reality.”

This season drivers have taken NASCAR’s “have at it, boys” to heart. All season in the Sprint Cup Series and Nationwide Series, fans have seen hard-nosed racing, smack-talk on television, Delana Harvick’s “I wear the firesuit in this family” T-shirt and fathers saying they will take care of their sons.

NASCAR has given back something they have been losing for years: a voice by drivers. Fans are now able to hear and see the true emotions of the drivers without an edge of being penalized. Saturday’s practice session with Hamlin and Harvick continued to prove why fans are cheering in the stands.

So, have at it boys. It keeps us fans watching.

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