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What We Learn From Bristol

August 28, 2013 Comments off


The NASCAR racing we saw at Bristol Motor Speedway on Wednesday, Friday and Saturday turned out to be very entertaining throughout the top-three series. Usual for the high-banks of Bristol, but did we see the type of racing we expect?

Kyle Busch made it clear the high lane by the wall was the quickest, yet treacherous, way around the .533-mile short track. It was obvious this turned to be true throughout all races during the weekend. Busch would attempt another chance at the “triple crown” and neared closure after winning the Camping World Truck Series and Nationwide Series races on Wednesday and Friday night.

Though wrecking in qualifying for the Sprint Cup race, Busch would start 43rd and finished 11th after never leading a lap.

And honestly, it is better for the sport to have Busch continue to be short in sweeping the weekend at Bristol. It is news and good vibes leading up to the events and growth for the sport when he is racing in all three series.

Matt Kenseth would come out on top Saturday evening after leading a race high 149 laps and now leads the garage with the most wins with five. After a late charge with fresh tires, Kasey Kahne would come up short as he and Kenseth raced side-by-side over the final 7-10 laps.

Kahne made it a point during his post-race interviews that he would not wreck Kenseth or a driver to win a race. Though, the drama the media and Kahne has instilled since their Watkins Glen incident, it was believed Kahne would do anything to make sure Kenseth did not win at Bristol. Besides a straightaway of beating and banging against each other, Kahne was clean as could be when attempting to pass Kenseth in the closing laps.

“I just wanted to pass him,” Kahne said post-race. “And after I took the checkered flag, I wanted to wreck him. At the end of the day, I don’t wreck people.”

kahnekensethAs my roommate can concur, my actions toward Kahne in the final 10 laps consisted many “Rattle his cage!” “Wreck him!” “Do something!” Then followed the rest of the broadcast frustrated, disappointed, but gratified at the action we were able to witness at Bristol. In the final 10 laps, I wasn’t thinking about how often ESPN talks about Danica, how many commercials took place, whether I was seeing enough action from the camera views or if the stands were full.

I was fully engaged in the competition on the track, something we rarely see in this series outside of Martinsville, Richmond, Bristol, Daytona and Talladega. The race itself was entertaining, as I expected. We had wrecks, tempers, passing and a fight for the win at the end of the race. All things mentioned before, was not on my mind in the final 25-30 laps.

This type of racing is something we all are begging for on a weekly basis, and it is not realistic to expect. As fans, we picture what it would be like to have the racing and tempers we saw Saturday night every week on the NASCAR circuit.

As one of those fans expecting those types of results, I can say I am looking forward to Richmond in a few weeks as the opportunity to be in the 2013 Chase closes.


Robby starts new relationship at Talladega

October 31, 2010 Comments off

The other Gordon has been making headlines in the media this week, and he only made more as he showed up in Alabama for Halloween weekend instead of Kevin Conway.

Robby Gordon, driver and car owner of the No. 7 Toyota Camry in the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series, raced this weekend at Talladega Superspeedway after debuting his new sponsor Friday: SPEED Energy.

Gordon was seen doing a burnout, donuts and speeding on Highway 77 in North Carolina earlier this week, testing changes to his car going full speed. He was pulled over by North Carolina police and now he and his new sponsored Toyota are in the Talladega garage after finishing 18th.

So what happens to Monster Engery Drink? Monster sponsored Gordon earlier in the season including the Daytona 500 and at Infineon where he finished second, but pulled out of their sponsorship obligations because NASCAR does not fit their marketing campaign. Monster will no longer sponsor Gordon in his offroad program as well.

Taking a look at his bright, orange Camry, it looks like the same racecar he debuted at Indianapolis; however, this car is now fully-sponsored by SPEED Energy and was co-developed by Gordon.

Today Gordon was seen throughout the pack at the front, middle and back. He had a strong showing without leading a lap in this year’s fall race.

He and his RGM team had issues today, but once again overcame them. A poor pitstop by the team under green flag made him lose the draft and eventually lose a lap on the track. He received the lucky dog on a caution and remained in the pack for the remaining of the race. He was nearly in the wreck that involved Dale Earnhardt Jr. and Jeff Burton.

After escaping through the final lap wreckage, he is unofficially place in 18th. He is now safely 130 points inside the Top 35 in owner’s points, and will race again the next two weekends at Texas Motor Speedway and Phoenix International Speedway. Kevin Conway will drive the season finale at Homestead.

Robby Gordon and fans can only hope next season will be what this year was suppose to be. A new beginning of worldwide motorsports including NASCAR, Indianapolis 500, DAKAR Rally, Baja 1000 and his monster truck.

Gas on Robby!

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